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Spec/Model DK7732H DK7740H DK7750H DK7763H
Worktable Size(L*W) (mm) 500×720 600×820 700×1000 800×1200
Worktable Travel(X*Y) (mm) 320×400 400×500 500×630 630×800
Max.cut thickness Z (mm) 250 250 300 300
Max.workpiece Weight (kg) 450 600 1000 1200
U.V Taper Travel  (mm) (Normal):24×24 (Large taper):D-60×60 E-130×130 T-240×240
Machine Taper ±3°/50mm
Wire diameter range(mm) (Moly wire)φ0.12~0.25
Process accuracy(Vertical)
(Multi-cut): 10×10×30 (Squire)≤0.006 (One-cut)≤0.012
(Octagon)≤0.009 (Strightness)≤0.006/50mm
Process roughness (Ra.um)

One Cut≤2.3um、Second Cut≤1.6um Third Cut ≤1.0um

Motoir drve system Step motor  AC servo motor(Optional)
Screws&Guides(X/Y) Precision ball screw/Linear Guide
Working Liquid Water Based Liquid
Water Tank High Pressure WEDM-LS filter  Volume 100L
Power Supply AC3 φ -380v/3.5kva
Machine Weight(kg) 1650 1850 2600 3000
Machine Dimension (mm) 1700×1300×1900 1900×1550×1900 2050×1800×2000 2000×2200×2000

Main purpose and scope of application
Widely used in mold manufacturing, electronic instruments, precision machinery, auto parts, magnetic materials, nuclear industry, aerospace and military industries.
It is mainly suitable for processing various stamping dies, powder metallurgy dies, injection dies, wire drawing dies, corrugated plate forming dies and other dies.
It is suitable for machining micro holes, special-shaped holes, special-shaped grooves, narrow slits, standard missing parts, gears and complex parts processing.
Suitable for processing high hardness alloys, magnetic materials, precious metals.

WEDM take wire (Molybdenum wire or Tungsten and Molybdenum alloy wire ) as electrode, working liquid as media, Electrical discharging happened between the electrode and the work piece by using of the high frequency impulse power and the high peak current to bring high heat and high energy to erode the work piece. The preconceived track of the wire is controlled by the moving of X-Y axis and U-Y axis which are driven by the machine. Then the work piece is processed.

Medium speed wire cut EDM is a new generation of EDM machines which are widely used in the fields of moulds, automobile parts, aeronautics and astronautics, electronic instrument, military, light industry, and household appliances.

High Quality Wire Cut EDM Features:

1、 C type mechanical structure

2、 Automatic tightening system

3、 High efficiency and low consumption digital high frequency

4、 Max cutting speed 200mm²/min,

5、 Each 400, 000mm² wear 0.01mm diameter wire

6、 Best Roughness ≤0.8μm

7、 Standard installed Taiwan Linear Guide、Domestic ball screws(Optional Taiwan ball screws)

8、 Step Control WEDM Cabinet(Optional AC Servo Control Cabinet)