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The difference between CNC EDM and ordinary ZNC EDM

1. EDM X-axis lateral processing of split molds has unique advantages, high mold clamping accuracy, and productivity can be increased by 20% compared with Z-axis downward processing
2. A single EDM electrode is used for rough and finish machining, which saves the manufacturing time and cost of double electrodes, saves the trouble caused by finishing electrode calibration, and shortens the mold manufacturing time.
3. The general pulse power supply of EDM in cavity machining is to transmit a series of pulses into the gap. Due to the complicated situation in the gap, the breakdown is not the beginning of each pulse, but a delay time, which results in electrical failure. The effective pulse width of the spark is narrow, and the randomness of the pulse is narrowed by about 30%. The pulse with unstable effective pulse width will increase the loss of the electrode of the tool. EDM This machine adopts a complete low-voltage pulse method after high-voltage breakdown, and the pulse width is equal. Practice has proved that this pulse method further reduces the loss of the tool electrode, the machining surface is rough and uniform, and the end-face loss of the tool electrode is almost zero. .
4. Lift the knife as appropriate. The erosions introduced in the basic principles of CNC EDM must be removed in time to achieve a balance between generation and removal, otherwise it will not work normally and stably, affecting the processing efficiency. Generally, the timing of lifting the knife is to lift the knife according to the length of time regardless of whether there is corrosion in the cavity or not. The so-called self-suitable knife lift means that the discharge in the cavity is greater than that when the discharge is stable, and the electric spark does not lift the knife; when the erosion in the EDM cavity is larger than the discharge, the balance is broken, and the machine tool automatically Lift the knife, use the suction of the working fluid to discharge the excess corrosion, and stop lifting the knife when the balance is reached or the discharge is larger than the production, so as to improve the efficiency.
5. CNC EDM three-axis EDM linkage side repair. This machine is designed with two side trim patterns: square and round. And two ways: trimmed and not trimmed. Rectangles with sharp edges and corners adopt the flat bottom square side repair scheme, and round or multi-curved ovals adopt the flat bottom round side repair scheme. During the side trimming process, the tool electrode moves and feeds to the workpiece at an angle. At this time, the tool electrode moves from the center to the outside (X and Y directions) and from top to bottom (Z direction) at the same time, and it is automatically controlled by numerical control, that is, three-axis linkage . This movement method of EDM is not easy to deposit carbon, easy to discharge chips and exhaust, does not cause arcing, high production efficiency, uniform side and bottom surface roughness, and reduces labor intensity compared with single-axis translation head EDM. . When machining pockets in the X-axis direction, the X-axis can also realize three-axis linkage side trimming.