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Introduction of CNC System

The system modules are connected by CAN BUS,  Modular design and high integration ensure the operation stability of system.

Close-loop servo system designed independently for EDMadapts various operation conditon, the minimum control precision is 1um.

Servo module is installed on themain engine,motor control andsignal feedback lines need not connect to control system,wich greatly reduce the complexity of installation technology.

Special mirror machiningcircuit, graphite machiningcircuit, Low electrode loss Machiningcircuit

Main contol module is not controled by PC, but it is designed with embedded system,wich rduce the complexity of system andensure betterstability.

Simple operating hand control box greatly improve efficiency and triaxial operation can becompletedimmediately with hand control box.

Original Panasonic AC Servo motor and the stability of the control system.  

Application of SMT reduces the volume of control board andensures the stability.

The systemfunction: 2.5 axis servor discharge for circle shaking andsquareness shaking, three axes linkage of space line,  helix line andtaper , seamless joint ofmulti- motion

The systemdeveloped and designed independently can be customized according to the requirement ofcustomers.